Plaques and Award

Exciting Signs – Technology With Lasers

Technology has created a a new and exciting environment for the sign industry.   With the use of lasers, we are able to offer unique and unusual applications which, until recently, may have been incredibly expensive to manufacture.  Lasers enable us to etch acrylic or plastics, engrave glass or engrave hardwoods in a fraction of the time with greater precision than ever before.  There are some creative ways to use these new techniques to create memorable signs and momentos for your company.

Laser-Engravable Plastic For Awards Or Signs

Contrasting text and graphics on plastic materials is accomplished with CO2 lasers.  Several plastic manufacturers offer laser-engravable plastics – typically a thin cap sheet bonded to a thicker white or black substrate. The CO2 beam removes, the top layer revealing a clean contrasting image.  Common industrial and commercial uses include equipment identification, ID badges, room identification signs or even awards and trophies.

Engraving Designs In Stone or Hardwood Marking or engraving marble or granite or hardwood is another elegant use of laser technology.  When wood is burned away, a nicely contrasting engraved depth can be controlled resulting in an almost 3D carved relief in the wood. Images and text can be burned into wood-based objects. Popular usages include award plaques, vintage-look signs, monument signs or memorials.

Creating Stainless Steel Nameplates

Coated stainless steel can be laser etched or engraved to create nameplates, plaques, markers, awards, or labels.  With coated steel, the laser leaves a clean, high-contrast resulting image.

When it comes to creating images using new technologies, Graphic Impact is ready.  Graphic Impact is at the forefront of laser signage.   As a manufacturer of unique graphic signage and banners, Graphic Impact is able to create unique, custom signs, banners and awards and deliver custom items quickly.