DTF Digital Transfers

Digital Fusion – Applying to Your Apparel

  • Inexpensive Full Color Printing to Your Own Apparel
  • No Minimum Purchase Required
  • Transfers for Light and Dark Garments
  • Design Your Own Apparel
  • See These Amazing Samples
  • Your Artwork Always On Files.  Purchase Only What You Need.

Direct to Film (DTF Printing) can be used for applying smaller and larger logos in full color and small type for both dark and light shirts. Sometimes used in conjunction with digital printing. Photo quality work is produced. Has the advantage of using white toner and is the latest in digital t-shirt printing. The system is great for color matching and offers a massive color spectrum. Available Up to 24 Inches Wide by any length.  Wide variety of Shirts, Hoodies, Sweats, and Tank Tops.

are DTF transfers better than Sublimation?

The DTF transfer can achieve photo-quality images and is superior to sublimation. The image quality will be better and more vivid with the higher polyester content of the fabric. For DTF, the design on the fabric feels soft to the touch.

are you considering applying your own DTF transfers?  Please read this.

If your iron is all heated up (around 310-315 degrees Fahrenheit or 280-290 degrees Fahrenheit for Polyester), it’s time to get started! Do not use steam.

Preheat your fabric with the iron for 5-10 seconds. The step is essential because it evaporates any moisture that could be in your fabric and could compromise your adhesive.
Now place the transfer on the fabric. And you’re ready to apply heat.
Use medium pressure for 10 seconds without a parchment sheet and 15 seconds with a sheet.

After you’re finished applying heat and pressure, wait until the transfer is cool to the touch and go ahead and peel up the carrier sheet. If applied correctly, the carrier sheet should peel off easily, leaving behind your design!