ADA-Braille Signs – Printed 3D

Digitally printed Braille Signs by Graphic Impact with UV inks. These offer you the unprecedented option of either printing Braille dots and raised letters on the front of the sign and printing full color unique designs that shows through from the back of the sign. Until the advent of this technology, ADA signs were an eye sore. Interior decorators, architects and construction companies had to work around the problems with the signs rather than incorporating them into the design of the project.printing on the back side of the sign. Braille and dimensional are digitally printed.

A second advantage of this method is that it significantly reduces the project lead times. There is no minimum purchase requirements from Graphic Impact is significantly less than that of older procedures with the advantage of having full color design at your disposal.

Graphics, when creating raised-texture graphics (3D), is used for branding logos and other designs creating absolutely stunning results.

The entire sign is digitally printed including the raised letters and Braille dots. This means that the entire sign is digitally printed and colors and designs are easily replicated. Please see our blog page for examples. Or visit our showroom at 5440 East Speedway Blvd., in Tucson, Arizona.