Social Distancing Decals

Popular Custom Social Distancing Decals. 1 to 100’s

Importance of Custom Social Distancing Decals

You now know that social distancing stickers are a great reminder to keep your customers safe.  But have you considered that they are a great way to help brand your business, offer specials and act as reminders?  These floor stickers will adhere to acrylic, concrete (such as sidewalks), wood, glass, and much more.  We’d love to show samples of custom vinyl decals and offer ideas of what others have done.

Adapting to the Future with social distancing decals

We have learned that small efforts can lead to big changes. As the term social distancing continues to spread and become part of our vocabulary and natural behaviors, a reminder is still needed for those who haven’t adapted to this new way or for those who may not understand how important it is. Graphic Impact Custom Social Distancing Decals will help promote social distancing so that individuals can remember how a small change on their part can make such a large impact on the health and safety of our community.

Advantages of Dealing with a Local Company with 30 Years Experience

That’s where Graphic Impact can offer assistance.  We’ve been making decals such as these for over thirty years, not just during the COVID-19 outbreaks. Here are some of the benefits . . . .

  • You will be dealing with a local company that will manufacture custom decals to your specifications.
  • There is no minimum quantity to order.
  • We offer the fastest delivery in town. (same day when needed)
  • Any size or shape. Produced in durable full color with an extra layer of lamination.
  • We have already supplied thousands of custom social distancing decals to large and small businesses. So we have some great design ideas that can help your business.

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