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Why You Should Consider Using Giclée Canvas Prints For Your Next Graphic Impact Project

In the world of graphic design and printmaking, there are many techniques and methods to achieve a desired effect or impact. One of the most popular techniques in recent years is Giclée Canvas printing.

Giclée printing, pronounced “zhee-klay,” is a high-quality printing process that uses archival, pigment-based inks to produce fine art prints or high-resolution images.using a special inkjet printer for giclee canvas printing.But what exactly is Giclée Canvas printing and why should you consider using it for your next Graphic Impact project?

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High Resolution

A giclée printer should have a high resolution capability to produce sharp and detailed prints. The best printers have a resolution of 2880 dpi (dots per inch).

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Wide color gamut

A good giclée canvas printer should be able to produce a wide range of colors, including vibrant and accurate hues. This is often achieved through the use of multiple ink cartridges, including light cyan, light magenta, and additional black or gray options.

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Archival quality

To ensure the longevity of the print, a giclée canvas printer needs to use archival inks and paper or canvas. These materials can withstand fading and discoloration caused by exposure to light and other environmental factors.


Large Format

Many giclée canvas prints are larger than standard print sizes, so the printer needs to be able to accommodate large format printing. Some of the best giclée canvas printers can produce prints up to 60 inches wide or more.


Our Conclusion

Giclée printing offers a host of benefits when it comes to creating impactful graphic design projects. With its superior color accuracy, durability, and versatility, Giclée printing is a smart choice for anyone seeking to create high-quality prints that will leave a lasting impression.