campaign banners

Largest Campaign Banners and Fabric Capability Order 1-100

When designing campaign banners keep the letter size large and easy to read. Founded in 1989, Graphic Impact has the experience to help you in your design. Let us know the location, daily traffic and your expectations for the banner’s performance.


Research Key Points for Campaign Banners

By this time you have researched the platform that will help the candidate obtain a significant victor. No doubt there be will be two or three points that are on top of the list. Do not attempt to put the entire content on one sign or one banner. This will make it difficult for constituents to read. Rather, split message between signs and banners. This becomes a significant advantage when using digital imaging. Since there is no set-up charge, any number of signs and banner can have a different message thus no putting a strain on your banner.

Try to keep the colors, fonts and general look consistent. A consistent brand is critical.