Basic Photo ID Card

The photo card comes in handy anywhere a person is required to prove his identity and it contains the full name of the bearer, his age, his birth date, his full and permanent address and of course his photograph. The photo has to be clear and should not be spotted or distorted in such a way that one cannot make out if person carrying the card and the person in the photograph is the same. Other details like an identification number, profession or rank, restrictions, citizenship status, blood type and Rhesus factor are all items that can be mentioned in the Photo card. Even if someone has had an accident on the road these cards come in handy and helps one trace the family and details of the person.

These days the Photo ID cards are used for more than one purpose. For someone who drives, it not only talks about their identity but also about the driving competency of the person. These days the driving license or the voters id card of a person is also used a photo card. These can be ready for that new employee by the next business day. This helps in generating full proof security.

The quality of the photo card is the highest in the industry and can make a difference on the final product.