architectural signs with irregular shapes

Architectural Signs. Draw Interest by Using Irregular Shapes

Architectural signs with irregular shapes tend to draw attention.  Especially when a logo is incorporated into the designs. Even rectangular and square signs when produced by the right company look great and exhibit creativity. But you may want to consider special cuts and symbols.  These are routed and laser cut and sometimes dimensionally printed to your specification. Acrylic, sintra, metal and even wood are the types of materials normally selected.  The fact is that ADA Compliant Signs should be part of your overall decoration scheme.  Graphic Impact would like to share our 30 years of experience with you.

Founded in 1989, Graphic Impact has the experience to work with you on you next project.  We have over twenty years experience both with the City of Tucson and Pima County. 

When fabricating ADA Compliant Signs these items must be adhered to:
  • Typefaces must be compliant
  • Contrast of at least 80%. (dark characters over a light background, or light characters over a dark background)
  • Use raster bead or printed braille technology
  • Character height must be precise
  • Line spacing
  • Any design of the signage must be within specification

Block A
Regional Transportation
City of Tucson
Tucson Medical Center
Pima County
Boys and Girls Club of Tucson