Advantages of EZpix, Faux Canvas Print

Decorate Your Home or Office with a Trendy and Gorgeous Custom Print at Less Than Half the Price of a Giclee Canvas Print

With the creation of EZpix faux canvas print, you can now have the look of canvas art or stretch canvas at less than half the cost. Your image is now printed to a faux canvas image material that in minutes becomes a great looking faux canvas print without the need of being stretched and wrapped in a frame before it is displayed.

This newly introduced type of print is used for interior design that has stock or customized images and for display of personal photographs. Perfect for the home owner or business displaying product photos.

Now transforming your favorite photos into lovely faux canvas prints is fast (usually 1-2 business days) and very inexpensive. And durability of the print is fantastic and has the ability of preserving memories and moments for many years to come. EZpix is perfect in your workplace and home. It is also good for your commercial settings like bars, restaurants and banks and can be put onto a blank wall space. It has the added advantage of being able to be produced at any size. Many people or home owners love this type of print because it is not only a home décor but it also adds charm and color in a dramatic way. An EZpix faux canvas print is not only an outstanding item for decoration but it also great for many types of special occasions as a gift.

An EZpix faux canvas print doesn’t use normal printer inks. Further, this exclusive process uses special UV inks that are light-fast to make it stay pure for many years. It may be placed in sunlight but is used for interior applications.

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