Aluminum Signs

Aluminum Signs Printed in Photographic Color and In Amazing Detail

Our custom aluminum signs are supplied with a white, baked enamel finish made for extended durability. Ideal for full color printing. More durable than Metal Signs, use as Real Estate Signs, Directional Signs, Traffic Signs, Large Monument Signs. Maximum print size is 4ft x 8ft. No size or quantity is too small. Can be routed to any shape for custom lettering and logos. Or choose brushed aluminum signs. We also work with a product, E-Panel. It has a PVC core and has double sided aluminum for stability and strength.

If you thought that Graphic Impact custom aluminum signs are just for outdoor traffic identification, think again. These custom aluminum signs make a fantastic decorative addition anywhere in your home or office. Your favorite photo can be printed onto brushed aluminum or baked white enamel. Why wait? You can see the impact these aluminum signs make on any wall.