Five Tips For Creating Memorable Lobby Signs


Five Tips For Creating Memorable Lobby Signs

Lobby signs are one of the types of signs that are frequently taken for granted, yet they are so important to create a first impression in the mind of your customer.  One of the most memorable signs that I’ve seen recently was a beautiful backlit sign that looked like carved marble.  The sign was mounted to a stone wall, and the combination of the smooth polished marble combined with the rough textured stone and complemented by a deep neon glow was very impressive.  I asked the person at the front desk if they knew how the sign was attached to the wall and they let me get close to see how it was constructed, and what I saw astounded me – the marble wasn’t marble at all, but a light weight molded letter shape that was finished in a marble veneer!  The effect was beautiful and elegant, yet I realized that the cost of creating this lobby sign was a fraction of what marble would be.

That’s one of the neat things about the sign industry today.  There are new technologies and methods for creating beautiful and unique lobby signs that appear to be more expensive than they really are.  Of course, it takes some creativity, equipment and expertise to pull off the manufacture of custom signs.   Graphic Impact is fortunate to have some real talent and some very sophisticated technology, which, when combined, can produce some of the most memorable signs.

What makes a sign memorable? We’ve compiled a list of our top 5 tips to take into consideration when having your sign designed.

1. Color – Use of color should reinforce your brand identity.  Many companies will specify  a pantone color match to assure that the shade of the sign is “their red” or specific color selection.  Using a blue red, when your logo calls for an orange red may seem insignificant, yet it evokes a different reaction from the customer.  Especially when it comes to your lobby sign, it’s important that the color of your sign is consistent with your brand.

2. Material – New materials offer lighter and less expensive alternatives to heavy and expensive manufactured signs. Custom signs can be created out of many materials.  Of course it’s important that the material is appropriate for the conditions of the area where the sign will be featured.  A good sign company will take into consideration thing such as sun fading, height, humidity, and the surrounding area when designing a lobby sign.

3. Textures – Using a variety of textures adds interest to the sign.  Like the example where stone and marble are adjacent, showcasing the rough and the smooth, it’s also neat to have fabric variations or patterns that add interest.  Don’t be afraid to use varying natural materials like slate or brick for some rustic feeling, and add stainless steel or matt black painted metal for some contemporary touches.

4. Size – Be sure that the size of the lobby sign is appropriate for the setting. Signs that are oversized will dwarf the area, and signs that are too small will seem unimportant.  Remember that skimping on the size of the sign is a reflection on your company and will affect the way your visitors will perceive your brand.

5. Lighting – For areas that are dimly lit or where the lobby sign may be shadowed, consideration to lighting can make a huge difference.  Dramatic lighting can embellish an otherwise plain sign, highlighting the shadows and textures and colors of the materials.  Lighting can be from the front, can be pin light, can be backlit or can even be a glow that comes from behind.  There are many new lighting products that can create neat effects.

Designing the lobby sign is a critical task that can reflect greatly on your company.  Explore some of the exciting new options in signage and be adventurous.  If you work with a professional signage company, you can create a memorable lobby sign that is a proud representation of your brand.