The Truth About Full Color Digitally Printed Wine Bottles

We love the way digitally printed wine bottles look. We love the freedom from the confinement of a label and the ability to take advantage of the beauty of the glass itself. The bottle can be uniquely yours and there’s no minimum or set-up. But there are pros and cons to digitally printing on wine bottles.

Advantages: Screen printed labels can trump paper labels in three ways; the ability to use the entire bottle as a canvas, the textural qualities of digitally printing saturated colors that can only be achieved with our process inks including white. Less than 1% of wine bottles are printed today. With a clever design, this process can create distinctive, memorable branding that really stands out in the retail setting. Digital printed bottles are more durable than labels removing the hassle of scuffing and shelf wear.

Disadvantages: Full color, digitally printed bottles cost more than paper labels and wineries have to deliver the bottles.

But when the design is right, the return on investment makes it worth it.

Klinker Brick creates distinction with its brick pattern and full bottle coverage. The typographic elements are deftly handled with sophistication. The folks at BevMo say people come back and ask for Klinker Brick a second time, more because it is memorable, not because it is digitally printed.

So Graphic Impact is eager to help you with that special design. WEDDINGS? SPECIAL BIRTHDAYS? or a SPECIAL OCCASION. We offer fast delivery, full color and the opportunity to design and print just one.

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