CAR MAGNETS 12 inches x 24 inches (Pair)

Professional Car Door Magnets. Design & Order Online in Minutes! These are affordable, wind-tested and very durable custom car magnets. The perfect choice for removable signage on you personal or business vehicle. Car magnets are paint safe. Stick them on a car or truck, and reuse them repeatedly.

  • Check with our customer service for high volume orders.
  • Custom background colors are available at no additional cost.

Car magnet signs are made of a thin magnetic material that is about as thick as a piece of heavy construction paper. One side sticks to your metal truck door and the other side is used for printing.  We print all of our car magnetic digitally in full color and at a very high resolution.

Car door magnet installation tip: To guarantee maximum hold, clean the surface area and allow it to dry before placing your car door magnet. Also, make sure the car door magnet placement is flat with no air pockets. Car door magnets only stick to metal. Not aluminum and not bondo. These are examples of our most popular sizes.  Any size or shape car magnets can be made to your specification.