ALUMINUM 36 inches x 48 inches | 48 inches x 36 inches ( .040 Thick)

Strong, lightweight, and among the most durable of all sign materials Aluminum is quite cost effective and remains in high demand for its unbeatable qualities. The most popular is .040. With a perfectly smooth finish from the baked enamel it projects a first class image. Excellent choice for full color prints for both interior and exterior application. It can also be covered in reflective material like you see on many metal street signs. Plus, it will never rust or deteriorate.

  • Check with our customer service for high volume orders.
  • Custom background colors are available at no additional cost.


Aluminum is known for its strength and rigidity. Even though it is thin and incredibly lightweight, it’s strong, and the thicker it is, the greater the panel strength. It comes in primarily 5 thicknesses, but three of them are most common. Thin, small signs (like real estate signage) are typically made with the .040 gauge thickness. Sturdier street signs, (like your neighborhood stop signs) are made with the .080 gauge aluminum. The thickest and strongest gauge, .125, is reserved for heavy-duty signs (like the hazardous materials or evacuation signs at construction sites). When you need a sign material that is rock solid – one that won’t split, warp, bow, or shatter – aluminum is an excellent choice.