18×12 Pair Vehicle Magnetics


We invite you to design your own set of vehicle magnets.  Import your own image, use our free collection of clip arts, images, and more.  Save your project on your computer and then, if you’re ready to proceed, fill out a request form HERE.  We will thoroughly review your work and make suggestions including image quality, typestyle, and layout, and send you a quotation.  All at no cost.

Our custom car magnets feature a strong magnetic material that helps them stay flat so they are aerodynamic and can stay on through rain and high speeds. Thin, lightweight, and strong, our car magnets are built to last. We work directly with you to turn your design, logo, or artwork into a durable magnet.

Total price : $47.02

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  • Is this vehicle doing double duty? Public and private use. If so, select vehicle magnetics.

  • Looking for a billboard or just identification.

  • Will you be parking a vehicle where it can be seen? The larger the graphics, the easier they are to see.

  • A benefit if you can switch between multiple vehicles? Use door magnetics.