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The right information
Selecting Information For Your ID Card

This post discusses the criteria for designing ID cards and badges.  Founded in 1989, Graphic Impact has the experience to offer assistance in this area.

Small decals and labels
Dimensional ADA Signs
Basic Photo Identification Card

An ID badge or ID card, as a minimum, should consist of a photograph, name and company.

Car Decals
Importance of Magnetic Strip Cards

Magnetic strips: The card holder information is encoded on a magnetic strip readable by a magnetic strip reader.

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What types of companies and organization are using ID Badges, ID Cards, Name Tags or some of each?

These days it’s difficult to find a company or organization that doesn’t make use of Photo Identification Cards Photo Identification Badges, Security Badges or Name Tags. In the work place these are becoming more and more common. Having a photo ID card is the perfect way to let others know who you are whether at the work place, on business trips or at business functions and exhibitions.  The good news?  Graphic Impact fabricates all of these in-house and there is never a minimum or set-up charge.

  • Entertainment/Clubs/Hotels – Casino Cards, Club Membership Cards, Hotel Cards, Event Badges. Prepaid casino cards are very similar to credit cards except that the credit card’s limit is determined by how much cash is loaded onto the card ahead of time.
  • Transit/Transportation – Transit Passes, Discount Passes, Parking Access, Toll Cards. Various public transportation companies are offering pass programs for their frequent travelers and commuter.

    You want to personalize from a blank white card or add personal data on a pre-printed card with or without encoding ?

  • Retail – Loyalty Cards, Gift Cards. With our help, producing nice looking Gift Cards is quite easy.
  • Corporate – Access Control, Staff ID, Visitor Information. Who is it? An employee? A visitor? Is the individual in front of you allowed to enter? A simple ID card could solve this problem. These sorts of visitor ID cards are easy and quick to produce.
  • Education – Student ID Card, University ID Card, Visitor Identification Card. As schools are getting bigger the demand for security rapidly increases. An ID card for students on campus, employees and temporary visitors can be done easily and cost effectively.
  • Government – National ID, Driver License, Vehicle Registration Card, Passport/Visa, Voter Registration Card
  • Healthcare/Insurance – Hospital Visitor ID, Patient ID, Insurance ID. For security reasons, hospitals are providing an ID card to each of their patients. Not only the personal, alphanumeric data are printed on the card. Full color images and the individual medical data incl. history.
  • Telecommunications – GSM Cards, Pre Paid Cards. Prepaid cards today are used everywhere as an unbanked alternative to a checking account or banking card. Graphic Impact’s comprehensive product portfolio offers card production solutions for a variety of card specifications and production requirements.
  • Financial – Credit & Debit Cards, Pre Paid Cards. Prepaid cards today are used everywhere as an unbanked alternative to a checking acount or banking card.

Here are Ways Both Small and Large Organizations Utilize ID Cards

Name Tags
Full Color Name Tags, No Set-Up and No Minimums

Full color name tags, photo quality, really makes an impact.  We'll help with the design and your file will always be ready for reprints.

Custom Gift Cards
A Great Way to Say Thank You or Come Back Soon

Printed in full color with no minimum purchase.  All cards do not have to be the same amount and expiration dates can vary.  Only from Graphic Impact.

Identification Cards
Simple, Inexpensive Identification Cards

An ID Card can be used as a means of identification for companies and organization. With no minimum, a great investment for the smallest company.

Bar Codes
Advantage Of Adding Bar Codes To ID Cards

If you're looking for a more permanent way of keeping a history of your visitors or want to take the next step in security of a business.  Using bar codes is a good place to start.

Magnetic Strips
Magnetic Strips For Gift Cards and ID Cards

Full color printing by the latest process.  Finally, no set-up cost, no minimums and great look on light and dark colors.


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