To Graphic Impact a blank wall is an artist canvas.  We use our own custom wallpaper to make an incredible difference.  The task is to attract top athletes across the country and to intimidate the competition.  MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

First a large banner was required, second it was in a windy area so the banner had to allow air flow, and third the objective was to show off the senior players each year.  The design, fabrication and installation was right by Graphic Impact’s alley.

Truly Nolan was fortunate enough, along with Graphic Impact, to be a sponsor for the first season of the Tucson Roadrunner Hockey Team.  We enjoyed wrapping the Zamboni (piece of gear that keeps the nice conditioned) and the crowds love it. It almost looks like the car is actually attached to the Zamboni.

Sixteen 4foot x 8foot E-Panel Sheets were used at the back of McKale Memorial, University of Arizona to show off the accomplishments of University of Arizona Basketball.  With each new years these boards are upgrade as The Tradition Continues.