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5 Tips for Using Promotional Products for Business Branding



In the past few years, digital marketing has become the talk of the town. All big and small businesses seem to have marketing plans heavily dominated by internet and mobile ads.

But interestingly, a recent report by ASI shows that the most effective form of advertising is promotional products.

So, while small businesses should have a social media presence, it’s important to understand that digital fatigue exists. Therefore, social media ads should not be your sole marketing strategy.

Use business promotional products as well but use them right.

Here are a few tips for using promotional products for maximum impact.

Don’t Compromise on Quality

Your promotional products are meant to build and boost your brand’s image, so they need to be on-point. Just because you’re giving them away for free doesn’t mean you can compromise on the quality.

Good quality promotional products are more likely to attract customers and will also work toward enhancing brand loyalty. Moreover, if they last longer, they will serve their primary purpose, i.e., to advertise, for a longer period.

Promotional Products Should Have Value for Customers

When it comes to business branding, you need to know your customer base well. Focus on designing promotional products that your targeted group will actually use.

This will also ensure that your promotional products and the company’s logo get maximum visibility due to all that usage.

This explains why certain promotional products like custom shirts and hoodies and water bottles and mugs are so common. These are things people use every day.


Water bottles with custom printing.


Go Green with Your Promotional Products

Another great idea is to incorporate eco-friendly elements into your promotional products. Customers are increasingly environment-conscious these days, and handing out eco-friendly promotional products is a great way to let people know that your brand is working towards reducing its carbon footprint!

From recycled paper journals to bags and bottles made from sustainable materials, there are several ways you can go about this.

Sponsor Events to Give Your Promotional Products Exposure

The best way to get your logo out there is to sponsor an event. You don’t necessarily have to pay for anything, but you could just provide useful promotional products for the event to gain some brand visibility.

From pens and mugs to swag bags and other promotional items, your logo will get plenty of exposure, especially if the event guests take the products home!

Choose Products That Are Relevant to Your Business

This is one factor that most businesses overlook when it comes to promotional products. If you run a women’s salon, there’s no point in giving out USBs with your logo.

Make sure the promotional products you’re distributing are in line with your main products and services. So, for instance, if you’re an IT company, giving out custom power banks is a good idea. Similarly, if you’re a retail store, customized reusable shopping bags are great as promotional products.

If you need more ideas and tips or looking for promotional product manufacturers, get in touch with us.

We’re promotional products manufacturers and distributors and can help you with printed promotional products like custom water bottles and shirts in Tucson.

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